About us

A Wildflowers Closet has been a lifelong dream to create a whimsical label that will last the test of time and to create pieces that can be passed down the generations .Our dream is also that every child has at least one piece in their closet ( a big dream but we are up for the challenge  ) 
My name is Amy and I am the creative mind behind our label .I'm a mum of 4 children  Michyla , Chelsea , Caitlyn and Bailey all help behind the scenes to create the ultimate experience for our customers with our brand .I love DIY and I come from a styling and design background in which has lead me down the pebble path to create A Wildflowers Closet .
A Wildflowers Closet is a collection of clothing and accessories designed by us , Some items are handmade in Adelaide and some  are sourced from all around the world .We love to keep up to date with current trends and will always create clothing that is full of beautiful natural tones with textured fabrics .
I cant wait to watch all our little wildflowers blossom
With love,
Amy  xoxoxo
EST May 2018